Setting up a Business, Buying, and Selling a Business – Advice from Professionals

The beginning and ending points of a business life cycle are crucial moments for making important decisions.  Our firm is able to handle many aspects and advise upon these important points of business.

Specifically, we can help with:

  • Setting up a business
  • Buying a business (advice)
  • Selling a business (advice)

It is important to have the best advice available during these critical turning points.  That is why our accounting firm is here to help you.

Advice on Starting a Business

First, let us talk about setting up a business.  Setting up a new business is a complex process.  Many business start-ups fail.  Lack of cash flow and poor marketing are two of the most common factors for business failure.  That is where proper planning can help.

Furthermore, many start-up businesses fail to plan for an appropriate exit strategy.  By doing so, you can include the possibility of selling the business at a point that is acceptable to you.  This allows you to successfully develop and follow a consistent business plan.

Advice on Buying a Business

Just like setting up a business, advice on buying a business has some dangers associated with it as well.  This is where having an experienced accounting firm can help you.  First, you have to know how much to pay when you are buying the business.  Accountants are some of the best professionals to help you in business valuation.  Sometimes a simple due diligence report can let you know if advice on buying a business is accurate.

There are also some risks associated with taking over a new business.  Having an accounting firm provide advice on buying a business allows you to implement appropriate contingency planning.  Furthermore, sometimes it is necessary to develop and anticipate potential growth strategies to maximize the amount of profit from the business.

Selling a Business – Advice

Selling a business is also a crucial turning point when an accounting firm can really help you.  When you are selling a business, advice you receive should come from professionals.  That is another area where business valuation and accounting is extremely important.

Furthermore, it is appropriate to implement strategies for transition.  This can allow the proper and legal of all aspects of the business.  Lastly, it is important to anticipate and minimize the tax consequences of selling your business.  Having your accounting firm involved allows you to get and keep the maximum amount of money when you go to sell your business.

Get Started Today

Those are some of the most important factors to consider during crucial turning points of your business.  Allow the professionals at Tim Nash & Associates to help you.  We can assist when setting up a business.  We also offer advice on buying a business.  Furthermore, when selling a business, advice from your accountant is crucial.  Give us a call today to discover more about the services we offer.

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