Preparation of Tax Returns Individuals

Personal Tax Return Preparation (Australia)

Many people wonder why they should hire an accountant to help them with tax return preparation. There really are three main benefits to using your accountant. First, it is easier.  Second, you have reassurance and peace of mind.  Third, it can help you later down the road should you ever be audited.  These are three of the most important reasons for using your accountant for tax return preparation.

Easier Personal Tax Return Preparation

Let’s talk about the first benefit. When you hire an accountant income tax return preparation, it makes it much easier on you.  You do not need to wade through all the tax forms and try to figure them out.  Simply take your documentation and hand it off.  Then, the accountant handles the tax return preparation, filing it for you at the end.  You are then given a copy of the income tax return preparation, and you can look it over.  This makes it much more stress-free because the accountant is already prepared to handle all of the technical details.

Accurate Preparation of Tax Returns

Another benefit of having an accountant handle preparation of tax returns is the level of accuracy that you enjoy. When doing your own personal tax return preparation, you are more likely to make a mistake if you are not familiar with the tax laws.

Hiring an accountant, you can have full faith and confidence that your tax return preparation has been completed in a very thorough manner.  This allows you to be able to defend yourself should the Australian Tax Office (ATO) ever audit you.  Likewise, it can give you peace of mind knowing it is done right.

Reduce the Chances of an Audit

Finally, there is one more benefit to having an accountant perform preparation of tax returns. Should you later be audited, you will be much more prepared.  It is easier to defend against an audit when using a professional familiar with preparing tax returns.  In addition, your accountant can be present when the time comes to defend against an audit. This allows you to protect and preserve your hard-earned capital.

Don’t Wait – Take Action Now

We encourage you to seek out information early.  Having Tim Nash & Associates prepare income tax returns on your behalf is best done long before tax day.  Too often, people wait until the last minute to seek out help with tax return issues.  When that happens, they often find that many services are booked solid and prices have increased.

Take action now.  If you would like to be ready for your tax return this year, give us a call today.  The sooner you contact us, the greater your chances of locking in your spot before it’s taken.  Be sure to ask specifically about tax return preparation service.

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